Grievance Redressal And Suggestions Mechanism

Ques What are the contact details of the Registrar General, High Court of H.P.?
Ans Registrar General, High Court of H.P. E-mail: Telefax: 0177-2653625, Telephone: 0177-2650800.
Ques Where can the grievance be lodged?
Ans The grievances can be posted on the website of H.P. High Court in the link entitled as Grievance Redressal and Suggestions Mechanism. One can select the appropriate box according to the subject matter of his grievance.
Ques How do I lodge the grievance?
Ans The grievance can be lodged online on aforesaid web link on the website of H.P. High Court.
Ques What happens when I lodge the grievance?
Ans When the grievance is lodged, an automatic e-mail is generated on the e-mail id of the Registrar/Officer concerned in High Court of H.P. and an automatic receipt is generated through e-mail.
Ques How do I track my grievance?
Ans The grievance may be tracked on the aforesaid link on the website of High Court of H.P. by clicking the Menu view status and while entering the link, Registration No. allotted to your grievance.
Ques What happens to the grievances? How are the grievances dealt with in H.P. High Court?
Ans The Registrar/Officer concerned shall go through the grievance received by him on his/her official e-mail id and then take action on the same and in case the information is required from any Court subordinate to the High Court of H.P. then grievance received through e-mail shall be sent to the District & Sessions Judge/Judicial Officers concerned and his response in that behalf obtained through e-mail and then reply to the grievance shall be posted on the aforesaid web link on the website of High Court of H.P.
Ques After redress, can the grievance be re-opened for further correspondence about it having been closed without details?
Ans No. In such situations, the grievance maker shall have to lodge a fresh grievance drawing reference to closed grievance.
Ques What are the types of grievances which are not taken up for redressal?
Ans (i) Sub judice cases before Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Himachal Pradesh, any other High Court, District Courts in H.P. and Courts of Civil Judges (Senior Division) and (Junior Division) or any other quasi judicial bodies in H.P. (ii) Personal and family disputes, RTI matters, complaint against individual Judicial Officers/staff members of H.P. Judiciary wherefor a separate mechanisms exist. (iii) Any grievance against State Government or Central Government, local bodies etc.
Ques What is the time limit for redressal of grievance?
Ans Reasonable time keeping in view the subject matter of the grievance.
Ques What action can be taken by me in case of non-redressal of my grievance within the prescribed time?
Ans The person concerned can file a fresh grievance to the Registrar General, High Court of H.P. informing him about the number of his grievance but only a period of sixty days from raising the grievance.